Intercooler & Oil Line Fun!

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  1. Looking good! I feel your pain with the oil cooler, I’m in the middle of fitting an oil take off/thermostatic relocation and oil cooler to a BBR NC at the moment.
    Struggling to find a decent way of routing the lines past the intake manifold to the take off plate and a decent way of mounting the oil cooler without welding.

    1. Hey Owain, Thanks πŸ™‚ With the OEM inlet manifold it’s tight, I didn’t even attempt it with that in place. I ran 45 degree -10AN fittings and went between the water pipe and the body of the car. Which you may just about have enough room to do that with the OEM inlet manifold in place. You also remove all the water lines to the OEM oil cooler which free’s up room.

      Mounting the oil cooler itself, I originally had 2 flat bit of aluminium that used the under tray bolt holes and it was mounted in-front of the radiator.

      Checkout this photo;

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

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